“the Silk Road Chinese ” online course (Egyptian class)


Our college successfully completed the Silk Road Chinese HSK Level 2 online course (Egyptian class)

According to the plan of the Chinese Council of the Association of Universities and Enterprises in the Belt and Road Countries, Zhou Ying and Zhang Yongying, two international Chinese teachers from our college, were invited to participate in the series of HSK online courses for overseas students. This series of courses are designed for college students in Egypt, and are jointly completed by teachers of our college and Baoding Technical College of Electric Power.

The opening ceremony of the class was held on November 12. Dong Jin, secretary-general of the Chinese Council of the Association of Universities and Enterprises of the Belt and Road Countries, Li Ling, Director of the Office, Li Bingyan, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department of our College , Zhou Ying and Zhang Yongying, teachers of basic Course Teaching Department, Baoding Technical College of Electric Power related leaders and teachers and Egyptian University students jointly attended the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Dong Jin expressed his gratitude to the Egyptian Embassy in China and the two vocational colleges for their strong support of this online course. He hoped that Egyptian college students would seize this learning opportunity, earnestly study, quickly improve their Listening and speaking skills, enhance their cross-cultural communication skills, and successfully pass HSK Level 2. Li Bingyan, on behalf of the college, thanked the guidance of the council and the cooperation of Baoding, welcomed the Egyptian University students to participate in the study, she introduced the basic situation of the college, school characteristics and international exchange and cooperation projects have been carried out, and welcomed the Egyptian University students to study in the college after the epidemic.

After careful preparation, Zhou Ying and Zhang Yongying, two teachers, took theme teaching as a unit and practiced from vocabulary, grammar, text and other aspects. They guided students to achieve flexible language output in real situations by setting various classroom activities and tasks, which greatly stimulated the learning interest of Egyptian University students. At the same time, the HSK level 2 real exam is integrated into the teaching, which improves the pertinence of the course and improves the language use ability. Meanwhile, the course integrates music, calligraphy, Chinese digital culture, etc., so that students can not only learn knowledge but also receive cultural influence. The online courses have been well received by Egyptian University students, who say they hope to study in China as soon as possible.

This online course is a successful practice of our international Chinese language teachers under the guidance of the Council, and provides important learning and teaching reference for the subsequent development of international Chinese language courses. The college will strive to cultivate international teachers, strengthen cooperation and exchanges with overseas universities and colleges, and continue to contribute to the spread and promotion of International Chinese.